The True Story of the Internet: Browser Wars – REACTION

The True Story of the Internet: Browser Wars is an informative video that showed how a bunch of smart kids defeated Bill Gates for a time. Netscape is a web browser that was created by people who thought that the internet should be accessible and part of our daily lives so they made a browser that would be just like that. When it was released, it was a hit to the people thus causing a threat to Microsoft. It was then that Microsoft and Gates’ team formulated something to counter attack Netscape.

Watching the whole documentary made me learn a lot of things of the internet that took over our lives years ago. It was amazing how these extraordinary men and women envisioned the internet to be part of our daily lives and made something that would make billions of money. This also showed how tough the competition was for the people who created these for the documentary showed that each would do everything to out do the other. As I watched The True Story of the Internet: Browser Wars, using the internet would never be the same anymore for everytime I use it the people behind it and revolutionary story of how it came to life will always haunt me.


IT and Me


Information technology has surfaced for a very, very, long time. It has impacted each one of us in many different ways, may be good or bad,  for example in our education, business, communication, health, entertainment and many more thus, making it more essential to human in their daily lives.

A lot says that there is an instant access to information and  I can attest to that for as I have observed many individuals, especially millennials including myself , are constantly “on” and connected.

As a student in this modern era, Information technology has been my best friend through thick and thin. In just one click, I could already find what I’m looking for without experiencing any difficulty. And with the help of computers and gadgets, everything just got easier for I am able to know all the news and trends around the globe. It also became easy to communicate with the people from different places for now, we could just exchange messages in a minute or less.

And as the days goes by, we are having better facilities and even better luxuries with the help of increased technology. So, gracias information technology for life became so much easier and productive with you.